Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry is not imaginable without sturdy and reliable actuators.

Oil Industry Drifter

Oil platforms

We apply special surface treatment for our actuators to receive highly corrosion resistant applications. Therefore these actuators are ideal for offshore-applications such as oil platforms.

Gas and oil extraction, transport and handling

Where actuators are used in hazardous areas providing elementary safety functions like in gas flow control-systems, reliability is the most important requirement. We guarantee this reliability.

Petrochemical industry

The reliable and sturdy DREHMO actuators are a vital element of tank farms, oil/gas/LNG-terminals, gas storages, air field fuel handling, refineries and underground gas and oil storage around the globe without which these facilities could hardly exist.

Examples for applications

ball valve
Actuators on ball valves
double ball valve
Actuators on double ball valves
...in power, water, oil and gas.

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