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Fieldbus Testmaster

Fieldbus TestmasterDREHMO offers with the Fieldbus Testmaster an all purpose test- and diagnostics tool for commissioning of field devices. It is especially suited for commissioning of DREHMO actuators equipped with Profibus DP or Modbus interface. Furthermore, due to its high flexibility, communication with field devices of other manufacturers is also possible. DREHMO Fieldbus Testmaster allows a cyclic communication setup with any Profibus Slave without using a GSD-file. For Modbus devices the Slave address, the communication speed, the function code and the coil or register addresses can be set flexible to establish a connection to the device. It simply gives the opportunity to verify settings prior to warm commissioning without the use of complex and expensive PLC- or SCADA-Systems. Thus a cost and time advantage is given.

DREHMO Fieldbus Testmaster offers the following features:

Do you already have Profibus equipment in consequence of your commissioning business? No problem. DREHMO Fieldbus Testmaster supports the master hardware interfaces of the manufacturers Siemens, Softing and Ifak. You can simply use the DREHMO Feldbus Testmaster with your already existing interface without having any further expenses. Interfaces of other manufacturers can also be offered on request. For the use as a Modbus Master only a simple low cost RS485 converter equipped with serial or USB interface is necessary to achieve the physical connection to the fieldbus.

The PC application DREHMO Fieldbus Testmaster and the corresponding operation manual are available free of charge in the Software Download section. Complete packages comprising the requested fieldbus hardware can be ordered via the Service Hotline.

Setup Tools

setup tools for actuatorsTo setup and configure actuators easily on-site, DREHMO Actuators provides you with different and adapted tools. With the adjustmentdevices of the serie KSD/KMD it is possible to setup DREHMO-actuators of the Standard family comfortably. For actuators of the Matic C family it is also possible to get different and project specific devices to do optimised commissioning either by the valve manufacturer or on-site.

Test stands

actuator test standWith the PSD-test stand series, a favourable alternative exists to the teand alibrate actuators on-site and theme-consuming procedure including the transport to and fro the manufacturer can thus be considerablyconneced. Obvioully we project individually test plants according to your requirements and necessities.

Tool kits for commissioning

commissioning tool kitEverything under control with the commissioning-tool-set from DREHMO. The most important tools in a handy roll pocket.

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